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Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport Train Transfers

Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport (AJA) doesn’t have a train station for transfer from or to the airport, but there are trains on the island's northern part and there is a train station located in Ajaccio.

The train network looks like a squiggly Y when viewed on a map as it only links the towns of Ajaccio with the towns of Bastia and Calvi.

The train network is a total of 230 km/143 mi long.

The Central Line is Bastia – Ajaccio and it is approximately 157 km/98 mi long and it takes up to 5 turns per day. The time of the journey is 3 hours and 30 minutes.

The train stops at these locations along way:

  • Bastia
  • Lupino
  • Furiani
  • Biguglia
  • Lucciana
  • Barchetta
  • Ponte Novu
  • Ponte Leccia
  • Francardo
  • Omessa
  • Soveria
  • Corte
  • Poggio Riventosa
  • Venaco
  • Vecchio
  • Vivario
  • Tattone
  • Vizzavona
  • Bocognano
  • Tavera
  • Ucciani
  • Carbuccia
  • Mezzana
  • Caldaniccia
  • Ajaccio

The Balagne Line travels between Ponte-Leccia and Calvi is 73 km/45.5 mi with up to 2 turns each day. The journey time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The train stops at these locations along the way:

  • Ponte Leccia
  • Pietralba
  • Novella
  • Palasca
  • Belgodere
  • Ile Rousse
  • Algajola
  • Calenzana/Lumio
  • Calvi

The metric track railroad crosses plains and mountains offering beautiful views for the traveler and while it might not be the most comfortable way of traveling as it can get bumpy the scenery alone is breathtaking and makes it worth taking at least one trip during the visit to Corsica.